Monday, April 13, 2009

" I am Voting for Romney All the Way" -- Jan Skousen

"Lukoil, which Romney recently sold with a cap gains of $50-100k" ( his wife and kids have there own millions of dollars in investments which are undisclosed)

"The Oil for Food scandal was a live issue when I was on the Hill and I read a lot of hte documents about it at the time. And simply put Total and Lukoil are the bad guys. They have been, repeatedly, vechicles for corruption in their countries and they are both tools fo the French and Russian governments, respectively. But back to Iraq for a moment. From a Heritage document on the Oil for Food scandal:"

"Prior to the regime change in April 2003, French and Russian oil compaines possessed oil contracts with the Saddam Hussein regime that covered roughly 40 ercent of the country's oil wealth. French oil gaint Total Fina Elf won contracts to develp Majnoon nad Nahr Umar oil fields in Southern Iraq which contains an estmated 26 billon barrels of oil (25 percent of Iraq oil reserve) Russian in copamy Lukoil has won the contracts to develop the West Quran field, also in southern Iraq, which has an estimated 15 billon barrels of oil. "

"An April 2005 National Review article had this to say about Total, "which NRO readers may remember for its sweheart deals with Saddam Hussein, has this to say about Lukoil, also holds major concessions in Sudan. " And the Scotsman had this to say also about Lukoil:"

"Iraq attempts to use oil gifts to influence Russian policy makers were on a lavish and almost indicriminate scale", it says. He targeted a 'new oligarch class" and also brided Lukoil, the oil giant with oil for food vouchers worth $10 million"

http://www.eyeon08com/tag/iraq/page2/ ( if link does not work on google, cut and paste link and try Yahoo! or

Did you know Kairos was involved in Food for Oil? They were!

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